Just as it has become easier for customers to get in touch with brands across an array of channels, it is also becoming more difficult to understand and speak directly to the specific needs of your customers, at scale. a DTC model can communicate directly to your audience, before, during, and after the sale. And that’s why the popularity of DTC brands is growing so rapidly. Forty percent of US Internet users expect DTC brands to account for at least 40% of their purchases within the next five years.

With complete control over the customer relationship, A DTC model within your brand can build trust and deeper connections with your community of customers, and these customers become advocates, not just buyers.

A few ways Consolidated can help.

Own the Relationship

Brands can own their customer relationship without having to rely on a third party to promote their goods, or fear that a third party may tarnish their brand identity. With a DTC model, a relationship can begin before a transaction and continue as a constant dialogue far past checkout.

Know Everything About Your Customers

Imagine having a conversation with a friend, but not being able to remember anything about that friend, or any interactions you’ve ever had with them previously. It would be difficult to have a truly personal or meaningful conversation. That’s how traditional retailers have historically interacted with consumers, with a large blind spot around customers’ preferences and behaviors. Digital-first brands don’t have to deal with this problem. Every aspect of the online journey can be adjusted to meet customer needs. You’ll be able to know a customer’s preferences, buying history, sentiment, previous interactions with the brand, status of their orders, even their preferred channels of communication.

Our Consolidated team can help brands map out their specific customer journey, and identify the values that make true connections along the way. This will not only drive your audience down a purchase funnel but create the loyalty loop bringing them into the SlimFast circle.

Personalized Products and Experiences

Customers are overwhelmed with choices. If you search on Amazon, you get thousands of results. Picking a simple product becomes paralyzing, trying to weigh price, benefits, ingredients, and other factors all at once. Slimfast has a portfolio of great products and many are personalized to a specific group of consumers. But creating personalized experiences and making your brand an essential part of customers’ lives is also key – making the customer’s shopping decision an easier one. Weight loss products are a dime a dozen, but there‘s only one of you. And Consolidated can help develop creative campaigns that offer customers more than a product sold – but builds a brand people can’t live without.

New Ways to Buy

The DTC revolution has helped popularize new models of shopping. Digital tech makes it easier to connect everyone and everything, putting surplus or unused goods to use and creating experiences that effortlessly sync with everyday lives. Brands can invert the consumer product goods (CPG) model and turn shoppers into subscribers. The longer customers are subscribed, the more you can learn about customer preferences and suggest additional items from their suite of products. Consolidated understands the importance of a month after month subscription model and can help create platforms and marketing communications that build and supports this model.

DTC is a new space for agencies, but our challenger brand experience, diverse skills, and marketing know-how makes us more qualified than most.

This is new territory agencies are growing in, including Consolidated. But our team of experts ranging from production to strategy to all-things digital can give SlimFast the confidence in believing that together, we can make great things happen.