Through our client workshop, we utilized social listening tools to see what real people were saying about the product, industry and competition. We found people were taking on a new meaning of what fresh meant. The insight led to the campaign “AeroGarden Fresh”. This was an ownable brand space because AeroGarden offered “fresh” straight from the vine –  herbs, flowers, and vegetables any time of the year – a place where store-bought couldn’t compete.


The initial campaign launched on DRTV and social media with the client seeing a remarkable YOY sales lift. Out of this success, AeroGarden asked Consolidated to extend the campaign to address consumer’s adjusted lifestyle from COVID, including a shift in ordering more take-out. Our insight was that “AeroGarden Fresh” can enhance home-cooked meals as well as your takeout – fresh basil on delivered pizza, or fresh cilantro on Chinese takeout. AeroGarden can even freshen-up the takeout you love.

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