SlimFast – Back to You

Consolidated Content was challenged by SlimFast to develop a creative campaign targeting those affected by the dreaded “COVID 15” – the act of putting on weight during the COVID pandemic. SlimFast’s product lines were well suited to help address this weight-gain and our creative helped communicate the offer of bringing you back to you. This campaign leverages the feelings of success and showed emotions after the weight was lost. Messaging also stayed focused on achievable goals, it’s not about getting back to the high school you, but the pre-COVID you.


The campaign was extremely successful by measurement of increased sales. This proven success provided Consolidated the opportunity to develop a new campaign to relaunch the SlimFast Keto brand. This new campaign, called “Kaleidoscope”, introduced the Slimfast Keto Fat Bombs to help those on Keto, stay on Keto. The Kaleidoscope campaign was extended to include 8 new Keto snacks and is currently in consideration as an overarching marketing strategy.

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